adjective | prop·er | ˈprä-pər \

  1. strictly so called; in its true form
  2. belonging characteristically to a species or individual peculiar
  3. strictly limited to a specified thing, place, or idea
  4. represented heraldically in natural color
  5. marked by suitability, rightness, or appropriateness
  6. very good excellent

Proper brings new depth and meaning to the experience we share when exploring a new or known whisky.  To be done “proper” is far more than how you drink or enjoy your whisky, but more how you fully appreciate what is in your bottle or glass, its origin, those who have aided in its creation, and the time and patience put into its development.

To enjoy a whisky properly simply means bringing us closer to the liquid and all those around us who share the same passion and excitement.  Join us in fully appreciating these fine aged spirits.

Message from the Editor
20160529_130255Thank you very much for taking the time to visit the site.  This project kicked off in 2011 under a slightly different name as a way for me to share my whisky journey and join the online conversation.  It has since grown into a slightly different medium but my goal remains the same; to learn and share my experiences and help keep us all up to date on industry related news and information.

I hope you not only find the material on the site enjoyable and entertaining but also helpful in some capacity.  More importantly, I hope you begin to follow along and share your own thoughts and tastings as we journey together across the many expressions and countries/regions in which they were created.

Look forward to sharing with you all.


Wm Gemmell
Founder, Writer & Editor
william at whiskyproper dot com
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