Glen Grant launches Three New Premium Selections

Glen Grant recently announced the launch of three new expressions – 12 Year Old, 12 Year Old Non Chill-Filtered and 18 Year Old single malt Scotch whiskies, which will join the existing range, to include The Major’s Reserve, 5 Year Old, and 10 Year Old, as well as a selection of limited edition bottles; each based on more than 175 years of passion and craftsmanship.

The new 12 and 18 Year Old expressions are said to each add their own distinct flavors and aromas to the current Glen Grant range, opening the door to a whole new Glen Grant experience.

GG Range

The new 12 Year Old bears the same bright gold hue that is synonymous with the wider Glen Grant collection. Orchard fruits are said to blend with hints of almonds and citrus to create a lingering fruit finish, enhanced by subtle hints of spice.

Similarly, the 12 Year Old Non Chill-Filtered, which will only be available in duty free and travel retailers, retains the striking bright gold color but is said to offer an aroma of butterscotch and vanilla, mixed with hints of almond and clove spice, which results in a long, fruity and nutty finish, leaving a taste of toffee apple combined with rich fruit.

If you are searching for something more on the “special” side of single malts, the rare 18 Year Old variant is said to be rich and floral on the palate, with oaky overtones that combine with baking spices to deliver the delicate aroma of malted caramel, creating a sweet nutty finish that can be compared to no other.

Founded in 1840 by brothers John and James Grant in Rothes, Speyside, Scotland, Glen Grant uses a double distillation process, using tall, slender stills and revolutionary purifiers, introduced over a century ago by the ingenious James ‘The Major’ Grant and still used to this day, to capture only the finest vapors, resulting in the elegant and seductively smooth taste for which Glen Grant is renowned.

The new aged expressions now feature a new look, logo and packaging design to reflect the brand’s deeply rooted heritage. The new logo, the Grant family monogram, now stands proudly on the front of each bottle and features the letters ‘J’, ‘R’ and ‘G’. ‘J’ for James ‘The Major’ Grant and ‘R’ for his first wife Rose. Each of the expressions also now carries its own distinctive color palette to reflect the different dram varieties available to be enjoyed by whisky lovers far and wide.

GG waterfall image

Waterfall in Glen Grant Gardens

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